Titles in order of appearance: The Forgotten, The Albino Peacock, Still Growing, The Lump (A Rhizom), Are You Comfortable Yet? I, Are You Comfortable Yet? II, Life In Display, TV Man, The Struggle Is Real, The Ulcer, Hang On!, Shy Pigeon (In Cave), The Fern (A Rhizom), Trapped Artificiality, Sculpture I, Sculpture II (or vice versa), Entanglement, Gotcha! I, Ulceration, La Tour Eiffel (from the series Toast On Mat), Well-Meant Impact I, Abode I, The Gremlin, Gremlins Photographic Negative, Abode II, The Collapse I (from the series Toast On Mat),  The Collapse II (from the series Toast On Mat), Fit, Bird And Tree, Not Bird On Tree, Just Pigeon, The Lovers, Violent Woman, Well-Meant Impact II, Gotcha! II, The Shark

©Anni Katrin Elmer 2018